Continuing Education for LMTs

1. Foot Reflexology

 **NCBTMB #326 Approved Provider**16CE 

 Date:       Sat/Sun Nov 3 & 4, 2018

 Location: Healing Arts Center, St Louis, MO

 Cost:       $325 if registered 2 weeks prior to class, otherwise $350

Reflexology is the scientific study of reflex points on the feet and hands that correlate to each organ, gland and all parts of the body. When stimulation or pressure is applied to these specific reflex points, it allows the body to return to balance or homeostasis. Thus, it balances the Chi or life force similar to acupuncture. Come learn this ancient healing art of reflexology. 

To register,  contact The Healing Arts Center @

2.  Fascia BodyWork

**NCBTMB #326 Approved Provider**16CEs

Date:     TBD 

Location: TBD

Cost:       $325 if registered 2 weeks prior to class, otherwise $350

This is a deep tissue modality that addresses the dynamics of our fascia system that is throughout our entire body and how to utilize this 3 dimensional web for increased range of motion, increased flexibility, improved posture and balance, more efficient muscles, helps relieve chronic pain, and revitalize one’s energy. As a result, it provides a better quality of life and the good thing is, it is easier on the therapist because there’s no digit work! 

   To register,  256.698.2151 or

3.  Ultimate FaceLift Massage

 **NCBTMB #326 Approved Provider**16CEs

 Date:           TBD

Location:    TBD

Cost:          $325 if registered 2 weeks prior to class, otherwise $350

Facial massage is very nurturing & relieves tension while it reduces puffiness, stimulates circulation, releases toxins, helps assist in lymphatic drainage, & improves muscle tone over time.  The face has a myriad of acupressure and reflexology points as well as cranial nerves innervating the facial muscles. When these areas are stimulated, a calming, lifting and toning effect occur to the facial muscles and the ‘whole’ client benefits & relaxes. Truly a service your client will appreciate.                               

To register,  256.698.2151 or